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While most mountaineers talk only about just their climbing experience in their presentations, Robert can draw on his 12 years' in the corporate world and his expeditions, as both leader and team player. Drawing from both worlds, he can thus provide a unique perspective on enriching our lives.

Leading with passion
Good leaders need a deep passion for what they do, to guide them in striving towards their vision. But how do they acquire this passion? Beyond that, how can they impart this passion to their teams so there is a sense of ownership by leaders and the teams.

Even when the team leaders are passionate and focused on their individual visions, how can they work in concert towards the overall vision of the organization?

And finally, do you have the people who can do the job? Choosing the team members for a mountaineering expedition is a life-and-death decision. In the commercial world it may seem less dramatic, but the right team can mean the difference between prosperity and mere survival.

Even the best team mates need direction and leadership, just as brilliant musicians in an orchestra need a conductor. What can the leader do to keep everyone focused on the shared vision? What can motivate them to give their best? We all need incentives, but how can leaders provide the incentive each of us wants?

Team players and partners
Most mountaineers join an expedition because they believe the expedition leader can help them summit the mountain. And they know they have to follow the guidance of the leader if they want to succeed. They also recognize the wisdom of the leader's instructions and decisions.

As a member of your team, how much do you subscribe to the team's vision? Or the vision of your organization?

In a mountaineering team, the success of even one climber is shared by every team member. This partnership is crucial to the individual as well as the expedition. Does such a partnership exist between you and your leaders, or between your leaders and the corporation?

The ultimate question is: How happy are you? At work as well as in your life? How to find a balance between the two? From Robert's experience, it is possible, even necessary, for us to have several passions which together bring out the best in us in everything we do.

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"We recently invited Dr. Goh to speak in Kuala Lumpur before a conference of around 60 corporate leaders involved in the grain commodity trade and shipping industries. Speaking on ‘Scaling new heights and achieving excellence’, Dr Goh related his experience in building teams, taking responsibility, making informed and responsible decisions and setting and achieving targets. Although Robert’s talk was very far removed from the overall theme of the conference, the objective was to use his rich and unique experience as a metaphor for the many challenges that corporate managers are today facing in relatively difficult times. As he noted in his talk, “In selecting my team, I also picked a person who was not a mountaineer, someone who could think differently from the rest of us, who could see the forest through the trees”. So too we picked Robert to speak before our group, someone who could bring in a new and very refreshing way of looking at how we navigate around our own corporate challenges. “To be able to reach your target, you have to enlist people you can work with and can trust. Skills and techniques you can teach, but it is attitude that the team player must have.” Robert’s message was very appropriate to any group and his delivery fascinating and most inspiring."
John Lindblom
Regional Director
American Soybean Association - International Marketing

"Robert is an intrepid explorer with an indomitable spirit for adventure. He is a riveting speaker. He speaks from the heart. In his quiet and unassuming style, he captures the audience with his personal account in Everest. His talk in DSO provides a powerful insight into leadership, courage and humility; a highly inspirational and refreshing talk totally unlike the theoretical spills and case studies that one regularly comes across."

Mr Quek Gim Pew
DSO National Laboratories

"Dr Robert Goh's motivational talk was the highlight at our recent company retreat "Expedition Cyberville 2007 - A Team Journey". In fact, he was the inspiration for our retreat theme. As a real life adventurer and one of Singapore's top mountaineers, he was able to inspire our staff with his vision and deep passion through sharing of his unique experiences, whilst showing us the sacrifices he had to make to achieve his dreams. Robert's soft-spoken and calm manner belies his inner strength and courage. We are proud to be associated with Robert, and wish him all the best as he embarks on his adventures."
Terence Wee
Executive Director
Cyberville eServices Pte Ltd

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