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Everest (8,850m) without oxygen via the South Col route, 2005

Everest as seen from the summit
of Cho Oyu, 2005.

On the Lhotse face, 2005.

Going to camp 2, 2005.

Mount Everest, 2005.

Robert and his team at Everest
base camp, 2005.

Base camp night scene, 2005.

Khumbu ice fall, Everest, 2005.

Camp 2 looking at the Lhotse
face, 2005.

South Col with the South East
ridge in the background, 2005.

Cho Oyu (8,021m) in Tibet without oxygen, 2004

Cho Oyu, 2004.

Cho Oyu, 2004.

View from above Camp 2, 2004.

Cho Oyu, camp 2, 2004.

Ernest (left) and Robert on the
summit of Cho Oyu, 2004.

Ascending ice fall, 2004.

Sunset at base camp, 2004.

View from camp 3, 2004.

High winds on Cho Oyu, 2004.

Xixabangma (8,012m) in Tibet in alpine style, 2002

Edwin on Central Summit, 2002.

Mount Xixabangma in Tibet,
fromadvanced base camp,

View from base camp, 2002.

Robert and Edwin (right) on
the central summit of
Xixabangma, 2002.

Resting after the alpine ascent
of Xixabangma, 2002.

Robert's team at Xixabangma
advanced base camp, 2002.

Sunset in Xixabangma
advanced base camp, 2002.

Summit ridge, 2002.

High winds on the North ridge
from camp 3, 2002.

Antarctica, 2000

1st Singapore Antarctica
Expedition team at the South
Pole, 2000.

Antarctica, the ice desert, 2000.

Man-hauling in Antarctica, 2000.

Negotiating Sastrugi in
Antarctica, 2000.

Skiing to South Pole took 55
days, 2000.

In full polar gear in Antarctica,

Robert warming up in the tent,

Training in Greenland, 1999.

Freezing temperatures at -40
degrees Celsius

Everest (8,850m) with oxygen via the South Col route, 1998

1st Singapore Mount Everest
Team (Robert is 6th from the
right), 1998.

Edwin and Robert at camp 1,

Edwin crossing the Khumbu ice
fall, 1998.

Edwin on the summit of Everest,1998.

Mount Everest as seen from
Kalapattar, 1998.

Robert on the Western cwm,

Robert with oxygen equipment,

Hillary Step from South Summit,

Camp 3 on the Lhotse Face with South Col in the background,

Dhalagiri 7 (7,246m) in alpine style, 1996

Base camp of Dhalagiri 7, 1996.

Dhalagiri 7, 1996.

Robert on the summit, 1996.

MB Tamang on summit push,

Sunset from Dhalagiri 7 , 1996.

Towards camp 1, 1996.

View from camp 2, 1996.

Mok arriving at camp 3, 1996.

View at dusk, 1996.

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