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Robert is a high-altitude mountaineer, mountaineering mentor, polar explorer, aerospace scientist, and public speaker.

He climbs high mountains, especially those in the Himalayas above 8,000m, with little or no support, including Everest, which is 8,850m high, or 29,035ft. Hence the name of his company, 29,000ft. He is now preparing to climb Everest and K2 without oxygen.

Robert is Singapore's leading high-altitude mountaineering mentor ; he trains and directs -- free of charge -- select groups of young enthusiastic climbers to give them the opportunity to learn the sport.

Robert on the South Summit of
Everest (8,850m), 1998.

Ever willing to take on the toughest challenges, he was the Co-leader of the First Singapore Antarctica Expedition 2000. With his team, he skied 1,100km to the South Pole, man-hauling a sled with 100kg of supplies for 55 days.

On the summit of Cho Oyu (8,201m)
without oxygen with Everest in the
background, 2004.

Climbing Everest without oxygen, 2005.

Robert is also a scientist and has a doctorate in aerodynamics. He spent 12 years as an aerospace scientist, during which he worked on cutting-edge technologies in the aerospace industry, including fighter aircraft and un-manned systems.

Robert has spoken on his various adventures to diverse audiences, inspiring them with his experiences and relating them to corporate and managerial situations.

Why Robert?

While many Everest speakers talk just about their mountaineering expeditions, Robert has over a decade of experience in the corporate world as team leader and manager. He can thus relate to both sides of the managerial divide. He has also worked extensively with overseas organizations in Russia, Europe, the US and Middle East, which has given him a global outlook and an appreciation and understanding of the international arena.

Born and raised in Singapore's high-pressured meritocratic environment, Robert finds challenges not only in his work but also in every aspect of his adventures and in life. This ability to bring his passion to all his endeavours makes his a compelling story for his audiences.

On the Central Summit of Xixabangma (8,012m) without oxygen, 2002..

Hillary Step from South Summit (8,759m),


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