AKA Shishapangma (8012m)
By Robert Goh

This is Robert's first book, tracing his mountaineering career from its earliest days as a pupil in an English boarding school. The book is filled with useful information on how he prepared and trained for the alpine ascent of Mount Xixabangma. This book is the only one about climbing Xixabangma via the north ridge. It has a forward by famous American mountaineer Eric Simonson.

Legendary British Himalayan alpinist Sir Doug Scott who made an alpine style ascent of Xixabangma's Southwest Face in 1982, comments on Robert's book:

"Every mountaineer should read this book, especially those from Asia. Here are mature reflections upon the lightweight and pure alpine style of climbing big mountains."

Southbound -- The First Singapore Antarctica Expedition 2000
By Lulin Reutens

This two-prong expedition is captured in heart-stopping detail in this coffee-table book that has pages of magnificent photographs. It describes the man-haul to South Pole by a four-man team, including Robert Goh, and the ascent of Mount Vinson, the highest peak on Antarctica, by another four team members, including Edwin Siew and Mok Ying Jang.

It is a story of how a team from tiny Singapore overcame enormous odds, and in the process unearthed personal ambitions that drove a wedge between members.

No Dream Too High - NUS Centennial Everest Expedition 2005

By Lulin Reutens

How does one train a group of newcomers to mountaineering to summit Everest? This book describes Robert Goh's way. An initial group of almost 70 recruits was whittled down to a final five-man team who climbed Everest under the most inclement weather in recent memory on the mountain that saw two major avalanches and two deaths.

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